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Therefore, please ensure that you previously have read, understood and accepted this document.

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Registration & Privacy

Registration on the site requires registration in good standing of all your personal requirements. These data are only for the use of Imadeo and its partners. These will in no circumstances be used by persons who aren’t members of Imadeo and its partners.

Final registration is subject to our approval. We reserve the right to refuse registration of any person without justification. Similarly, once your registration is confirmed, we reserve the right to withdraw from the site without notice or justification.



The data contained in this site are protected and remain the property of Imadeo. You agree during registration to inform about your personal data and you mustn’t take any other personal data of other persons and the contents of this site to non-registered and unlicensed persons. Any breach of this rule will disqualify the site and immediate legal action.



As mentioned above, the compensation offered for the missions are decided under the implied waiver to the AVS. Imadeo can in no event be liable in any way related to AVS assessment missions you do for us. You agree therefore explicitly assume any burden, tax or additional tax would be payable after compensation. You are also responsible for monitoring missions entrusted to you and which you are applying to does not exceed the threshold of CHF: 2'300 .00 per year.


Temporary Missions

The missions that we offer on this site in any way constitute a regular job and it exist specific tasks that do not work. Imadeo has no commitment to which missions you assign and reserves at any time the right to terminate a mission for any reason and without explication.

The tasks will be assigned will be confirmed by email. Obtaining a mission does not involve Imadeo to employ you in the future.



The relationships between the parties are governed by Swiss law. Any problem arising between them in the context of the interpretation or enforcement of these Terms & Conditions will be governed by the ordinary courts of the Republic and Canton of Geneva and the Federal Court.